Some treated people hold to enjoy greater security and firmness with teeth supported by implants. This allows the patient to forget about carrying an implanted material.

Osseointegrated dental implants allow you to fasten a dental prosthesis with such firmness that any kind of insecurity is not appreciated while chewing. With prosthesis on dental implants has the sensation of chewing is carried out in a similar to the natural way or even with greater consistency, and can develop a masticatory force similar to that obtained with own teeth and even greater.

Dental implants Granada

It stands out for taking cases with a high degree of complexity and the application of techniques of great sophistication as guided surgery implantology, or immediate loading.

A prosthesis on dental implants may go unnoticed to the naked eye, even for a dentist. Occasionally, certain anatomical conditions can limit the ideal result.

Granada Dental Implants

Sometimes, due to circumstances of treatment, it is impossible to place a sufficient number of dental implants to anchor the prosthesis of a completely fixed, being necessary to perform a type of prosthesis called overdenture, which is a "semi-fixed" prosthesis. This introduces a certain degree of movement, but allows great stability and acceptance levels much higher than a conventional prosthesis.

Surgical procedures for treatment with implants are very well formalized and are usually performed with little or no discomfort.

In the vast majority of cases performed under local anesthesia, as well as other dental treatments, the patient only perceive the noise instruments and a feeling of pressure or "whirring" in the area. In the postoperative period a slight discomfort may occur at ending the effect of the anesthesia, although occasionally could be more intense.

Only in some special susceptible individuals may occur, usually from the 24 hours of the intervention, inflammation of the operated area and hematoma. These phenomena are no problem and are a reflection of the reparative tissue reaction after the intervention.

In very specific & few cases, or by medical criteria or because the patient so requests, the intervention of placement of implants dental will take place under the influence of general anesthesia, usually in hospital regime.


Today, Implantology offers a wide range of solutions to replace missing teeth. Adapted to each case, these solutions allow you to recover your quality of life, your smile and self-confidence.

There are some different kinds of thecniques:

* Deferred surgery.
* Guided surgery.
* Inmediate loading.
* All on 4©.

Considered a major advance in dental care, implants are a solution aesthetically pleasant not only in replacing natural teeth in a perfect way but also by offering many advantages that contribute for preserving oral health:

Implants are artificial roots which act like natural teeth. You do not feel almost any difference;

Implants are made of titanium, a biocompatible material, not rejected by the human body;


Implants maintain the natural bone, stabilizing bone levels in the jaw;

Implants are inserted through a quick and minimally invasive procedure. Unlike the conventional dental bridges, the healthy adjacent teeth are left untouched;

Because implants are anchored into jawbone, the fixed prosthesis provides stability and comfort, eliminating the unpleasant aspects of conventional prosthesis: problems of adjustment/adaptation, social embarrassment, gum inflammation, chewing and speaking difficulties;

With proper care and a correct oral hygiene, implants are durable solutions.