Periodontology is the specialist area of Dental Medicine aimed at preventing, diagnosing and treating diseases which affect the periodontum, in other words, the set of tissues which include, in addition to the gum, the bone and the periodontal ligament, responsible for maintaining the firmness of teeth in the upper jaw.

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Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry is the specialist area of Dental Medicine responsible for the restoration of teeth which are suffering from caries lesions, alterations in shape or colouring and the resolution of fractures, thereby restoring the original appearance of the teeth. In addition to contributing to an improvement in oral functions using the most varied techniques, Dentistry gives back to the patient a healthy smile which looks good, contributing to an increase in aesthetics, self-confidence and social involvement.

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Endodontics is the specialist area of Dental Medicine aimed at treating pulp pathologies.

Dental pulp is located inside the tooth and is surrounded by hard tissue – dentin – being responsible for dental nutrition and sensitivity by way of the constituent blood vessels and nerves.


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Pediatric Dentistry is the specialized Dental Medicine field exclusively dedicated to the maintenance of the oral health of children, adolescents and patients with special needs. This specialist area combines a strong preventive component with the curing element since monitoring the development of the so-called “milk teeth” is vital, not only to ensure correct phonetic and chewing functions but, first and foremost, for the early diagnosis and prevention of any problems, ensuring a healthy set of final teeth.

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Prosthodontics is the specialist field of Dental Medicine aimed at the re-establishment and maintenance of the functions of the maxilo-mandibular complex, to wit in terms of chewing, phonetics and aesthetics. Working in close cooperation with other specialist areas like Oral Surgery, Implantology, Endodontics, Dentistry, Orthodontics or Periodontology, Prosthodontics is responsible for the re-establishment of oral functions, both by way of the reconstruction and repair of damaged teeth as well as the placement of dental prosthesis (single, partial or total) which are intended to replace the missing teeth.

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Oral Hygiene is a specialist field aimed at the diagnosis, prevention and therapy of oral diseases, playing a decisive role in the maintenance of treatments carried out in other specialist areas. In this context, there is also an education element which, by teaching and demonstrating specific techniques, contributes to an improvement in oral health.

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