A healthy and natural smile has a considerable positive impact on a person’s appearance, daily life and self-confidence. Today, millions of people all over the world are affected by missing teeth due to the natural aging process, accidents, disease and many other factors. Regardless of the causes, this question can have a devastating impact in your quality of life and in your general wellbeing. This can per example restrict the pleasure of eating your favorite food or affect your social relationships. In more extreme cases you may feel incapable to smile in a spontaneously way.

As people live longer and have more active lives, losing even a single tooth prematurely can be extremely upsetting. The loss of any tooth is a cosmetic issue but it may also become a long term health issue. In fact, the teeth do not stand alone. They are part of an integrated and complex system, where each element plays an important role. Every single tooth ensures, for example that the remaining teeth stay aligned, allowing also the correct chewing of foods. When a tooth is missing, healthy teeth tend to change position, which may cause occlusion and articulation disorders in the future. On the other hand, missing teeth cause loss bone from the jaws, because the bone is no longer stimulated during the chewing which can afterwards result into the loss of more teeth.

Facial physical changes are also frequent as a result of bone loss and therefore people can often look older than they really are.