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Dr. Mónica Travesí is considered one of the best dentists in Granada thanks to her tradition and family vocation and her excellent and continuous vocational training.

Thanks to which allows her to successfully treat complex cases and be referred to by other colleagues to their own patients. With more than 400 dentists in Granada, it is clear that the only way to stay on top is through excellence in work and continuous training in the latest technologies and experimentation with cutting-edge materials.

She is member of several associations and national and international professional organizations of Odontology and Stomatology.

She makes a difference with other dentists in Granada.

Along with the above, Dr. Travesi and her personal health auxilliar offer a personalized and attentive service in Granada, which means to avoid unnecessary waiting patient, creating a relaxed and confortable environment, thereby reducing the number of visits to the dentist.

After the first contact (either phone or Web site), the nurse will give you appointment as soon as possible according to the urgency of the case, and the availability of agenda to make a first general review of the State of oral health and open the corresponding file of the patient in which are recorded the personal patient circumstances specific to a dental practice subject to the strictest confidentiality and under the parameters of the Organic Law of 17/99, of 13 December, of data protection.

With that information the dentist will assess the best option to resolve possible pathologies detected or carry out actions deemed more chords with the status and age of the patient.


In Dental Clinic Travesi different treatments that can be provided are due to the specialties that can be found on this website, from the mere oral prevention, through conservative or restorative dentistry, aesthetic, Prosthodontics, Endodontics, Periodontics and ending in the most invasive as surgery and implantology.

That is why a prompt review or preventive help to the best outcome for the patient and avoid taking other measures perhaps more drastic or more expensive.

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Granada dentists

Granada dentists