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Dentist in Granada

Dr. Travesí has continued the family dental tradition started by her father, Dr. Miguel Travesí. Henceforth she combines two values: tradition and vocation for her professional work.

After more than 50 years of continuous experience, passion for this profession is reflected in the deep knowledge of dentistry and oral surgery, as well as a spirit of constant improvement that bring it to always be at the forefront of the most innovative techniques and materials, with a strong commitment to training.

Honesty and perfection are the principles that make the expertise of Dr. Travesí in the interest of the patients and their care, always looking for their comfort, security and self-confidence.

To this end, she analises case by case in a personalized way, studying and proposing the solution and materials that best suit the conditions of the patient, both the individuals of teeth to treat or replace, as of the economic effort which you may be.

Dr. Travesí is characterized by resolving cases with a high degree of complexity and the application of great sophistication techniques as guided surgery implantology, or immediate loading.

Degree in dentistry from the University of Granada in the year 1994, Dr. Mónica Travesi is also a Master in Oral Surgery and Implantology by the University of Granada in the year 2000.

Dr. Miguel Travesí (1933-2004) was a pioneer in the dental practice. After obtaining the specialty of Stomatology at the Complutense University of Madrid, he returned to his hometown where practised continuously until his retirement in private and public health, achieving a great professional recognition among his peers and patients.

He studied in favor of fluoridation of the public water and always opted for improvements in the technical dental and patient treatment.

He managed to transmit in his daughter his passion for the profession which has allowed her to leverage his knowledge of years of experience in a shared work father and daughter.

He combined his profession with his other passion: hunting, which made him to enjoy great moments in many parts of the world.

Serve this note as a memento to his memory.